Every season is Squishy season

Every season is Squishy season

Every season is Squishy season

We’ll admit, when we released our first bottles of Starcut Ciders, it was hard to decide which ciders we wanted to share with the world. We knew we wanted something dry and refreshingly simple, so Pulsar made the cut. Then we wanted something for those seeking the sweeter side of cider, so Octorock became our second flagship. Finally, we added Squishy, a semi-sweet Fruit Cider made with Michigan apples and cherries to the mix as a seasonal to highlight the amazing fruit grown right here in Michigan. Squishy season came and went, but once it was gone we couldn’t help by yearn for this delicious cider. Luckily, you all agreed and the demand for Squishy was clear. We’re excited to announce that for 2018 Squishy will be joining our lineup as a year round flagship!

Squishy (6.3% ABV) is a semi-sweet Fruit Cider fermented with Michigan apples, Northern Michigan Balaton and Montmorency tart cherries, and English Cider yeast. Ruby red in color with appealing sweet aromatics, this cider’s initial flavors of dark fruit shift toward a bold tartness that dries the palate between tastes.

Look for six packs of Squishy to begin hitting store shelves throughout our distribution footprint starting this week and enjoy Squishy season, every season.

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  • Ann Marie April 27, 2018 at 6:08 pm

    I just tried your ciders for the first time. I picked up Squishy and Bucket at Jungle Jim’s on Ohio while visiting friends. Now I am hooked! Love, love, love them! Now I am sad because I can’t get anymore here in northwest Illinois.

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