Party like the Pilgrims with Erraticus 6

Party like the Pilgrims with Erraticus 6

Party like the Pilgrims with Erraticus 6

In case you’ve never taken an American history course, we’re here to fill you in. Despite their puritanical beliefs, it’s widely assumed that our friends the Pilgrims knew how to throw a party. Between a lack of potable drinking water and the difficulty found in storing the fresh stuff, hard cider was not only the tastiest, but one of the safest beverages for the first colonizers to consume. With mugs of home brew and wild fermented, hard apple cider in hand, they gave thanks for friends, family, and dry land in November 1621.

So in keeping with tradition, we’re thrilled to be releasing the sixth cider in our Erraticus series just in time for your Thanksgiving feast. Erraticus 6 (6.4% ABV) is an oak aged wild cider fermented with Michigan apples and Black Currants. This wild cider has a light purple hue and an aroma reminiscent of Pinot Noir with notes of fig, currant, apple, and oak. Erraticus 6 erupts with a burst of oak and tart currant flavors that lead into a finish that is well balanced and dry.

Available only at the Short’s Brewing Company pub and Short’s Mart, you can take a bottle of this historical nectar home for only $18.00. Party like the pilgrims this turkey day, bring Erraticus to the table!

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  • Victoria November 19, 2016 at 4:12 pm

    Hey! Your Pulsar cider was so tasty!! I actually got suspicious that maybe it wasn’t an actual cider (like Red’s bullshit apple “ale” that people assume is gf and offer me), but you addressed gluten concerns so nicely on your site that I felt very happy to continue drinking. From the bottom of my Celiac heart, thank you <3

    • Starcut Ciders December 1, 2016 at 12:12 pm

      Thank you, Victoria! We’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying Pulsar. Our ciders are indeed gluten free. Feel free to reach out with questions art any time!

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