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Pulsar cans are here!

Pulsar cans are here!

Who said cider isn’t for the adventurous? We’ve been hitting the trails, beach, and wilderness with cans of Octorock for some time, but now it’s time for the dry cider lover to have their moment. Pulsar, our flagship Semi-Dry Modern Cider is now available in cans throughout Michigan.

Pulsar (6.4% ABV)  is a semi-dry Modern Cider fermented with Michigan apples and Pinot Noir yeast. Golden in color, Pulsar has soft fruit and white wine-like aromas. Mildly acidic, this cider has a bright and tangy sweetness that dries the palate before a clean and crisp finish.

So this winter season get out there are enjoy the wild outdoors with a can of Pulsar in hand. Don’t fret though if you’re dreaming of hot summer days with can of crisp cider in your favorite koozie, because these cans are here for the long haul.

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