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Get Your Paws on Erraticus 11

Get Your Paws on Erraticus 11

It’s time to try our newest cider! Erraticus 11, a wild cider fermented with Michigan apples, black currant and juniper is now available at the Short’s Brewing Company pub and Short’s Mart. For $22.00, you can take home one in each paw ($11.00 each).  

Erraticus 11 is a wild cider fermented with black currant, juniper, and Michigan apples. Pouring a beautiful pink-purple color with a pinkish foam that dissipates quickly, Erraticus 11 has aromas of barnyard funk and apple with notes of tart currant and a slight hint of juniper. Tart and funky, this wild cider finishes dry with just a hint of juniper.

The eleventh cider in our Erraticus Series, doesn’t disappoint. Comparable to a rosé, Erraticus 11 is light and fruity. This beauty is ready for the beach, boat, or backyard. Pour yourself a glass and kick back. Don’t delay, it won’t be long before Erraticus 12 is on the way.