Blog : Erraticus Wild Cider Series

Is it a wine? Or cider? Or the best of both?

Is it a wine? Or cider? Or the best of both?

Just in time for the holidays, we have the perfect Wild Cider to add to your celebrations. Although it’s not simply a cider, this time we’ve added some Cayuga White grapes to the blend making this crafted wild beverage part cider and part wine. Is it a Win-der? Or maybe it’s a C-ine? Either way, we’re loving the resulting flavor of this combination.

Erraticus 15 is a Wild Cider made with Rhode Island Greening apples and Cayuga White grapes from Torch Lake Cellars. Straw in color and slightly hazy, this cider has aromas of apple and white wine. Leading with tart flavors of apple, grape, and some funk, Erraticus 15 is reminiscent of a funkier Dry Riesling.

Now available exclusively at the Short’s Brewing Company pub and Short’s Mart in Bellaire, pick up a 750 mL bottle of this delicious drink before it’s gone!