Blog : Erraticus 16

Erraticus 16 here to ring in 2018

Erraticus 16 here to ring in 2018

We recently released Erraticus 16, to help us say “so long” to 2017, and welcome 2018! This time, our cider makers decided to use a berry that is basically four berries in one. A cross among the European raspberry, European blackberry, an American dewberry, and a loganberry; the boysenberry is certainly a unique fruit and makes an even more complex cider

Erraticus 16 (6% ABV) is a Dry Wild Cider fermented with Cortland apples and boysenberries. Dark rose in color, this cider carries bright inviting aromas of berries and apple. Boysenberry flavors are prominent, but balanced by the apples with a slight funk. Erraticus 16 is refreshing and crisp with a dry finish.

Ring in the new year with a cider in hand and pick up a bottle of Erraticus 16 at Short’s Mart now!