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We Shall Call It Squishy

We Shall Call It Squishy

What is this red, jellyfish adorned cider you ask? In the fall of 2014 we first conjured this freakishly delicious Michigan apple and cherry cider and we decided then, without any hesitation that we shall call it Squishy and it will be ours and it will be our favorite cherry cider! Fermented with only the brightest crimson orbs from our friends at King Orchards, Squishy is now available to you just in time for cherry season.

Squishy (6.3% ABV) is a semi-sweet cider made with Michigan cherries. Ruby red in color with appealing sweet and sugary aromatics, this cider’s initial flavors of dark fruit shift toward a bold tartness that dries the palate between tastes.

As natives of cherry country, we’re proud to bring you the ONLY cherry cider worth sippin’ this summer. With the National Cherry Festival just around the corner (another fantastic reason to pay us a visit in the Northwest corner of the mitten), we’re stoked to say that Squishy is now headed to taps and coolers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

Taste the fruit of the season this week with a pint of Squishy!