FrankTheSnake 16x16 2017

Frank The Snake Meets The Time Traveling Stag 

Frank The Snake Meets The Time Traveling Stag is a wild foraged beer brewed with sassafras tree branch tips spice tree, holy basil, anise hyssop, hyssop, Milk thistle, Chickweed, cedar, Perilla and oak leaves blended 50/50 with Starcut Ciders Elita, a barrel aged sparkling cider fermented in collaboration with Scratch Brewing. Light brown in color this hybrid beverage is funky with huge farmhouse nose with hints of anise and caramel. A funky flavor upfront leads into oak, wood, and slightly sweet flavors. This perplexing beverage is sure to leave you guessing and wanting more.

6.4% ABV 
7.5 TA