Artist Info 3Nothing is more challenging than a new project. With an infinite number of directions to choose from, selecting an artist to represent Starcut was an exciting endeavor. So what better way to choose than to be inspired by the ciders themselves? Here at Starcut, we sought to find an artist who exemplified our ciders, representing the flavors of nature while having a spirit of creativity and uniqueness.

We are happy to announce our first label art release with legendary artist Don Pendleton. With deep roots in the Midwest, and an eye for creating unique harmonious character illustrations, Pendleton was the right fit for our vision.

Pendleton started his design career in the late 1990’s with Alien Workshop Skateboards. His unique bold geometric style sometimes referred to as “organic cubism” brought a new level of beauty to modern skateboard graphics. His impressive resume includes collaborations with Oakley, Mountain Dew, Burton Snowboards, and an array of other lifestyle brands. Most recently, he received a Grammy Award for Best Recording Package for his work on the Pearl Jam album artwork for Lightning Bolt.

Our Art Director, Jesse Den Herder, grew up in the Midwest and was actively involved in skateboarding. Pendleton’s style was something Den Herder was drawn to for many years before ever meeting. Eventually, Den Herder and Pendleton worked together on a project and a professional friendship was forged. So when the personality of Starcut Ciders fit so in line with Pendleton’s style, Den Herder knew he had to reach out to see if Don could help develop the characters and visual story. The rest is history, and now we can share our excitement over the artwork that was created for Starcut.

We are delighted to reveal the exceptional artwork Don has created for our labels. With his boldly original design, we think he has captured what Starcut Ciders is all about. As we begin the release our bottles statewide, we hope that you will enjoy seeing this new label artwork in your fridge.

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