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Erraticus 9 Is Oh so Fine!

Erraticus 9 Is Oh so Fine!

Have you ever had a gooseberry? Native to parts of Europe, northwestern Africa, and Asia, the gooseberry is a part of the genus Ribes and related to more common berries like currants. Always looking for the next frontier in fermentable fruits, we added a hefty dose of gooseberries to what would become the cider we’re toasting today, Erraticus 9, and waited patiently for what would become one of our most uniquely flavored ciders to date.

Erraticus 9 (6.0% ABV  – TA 8.0 g/L) is a wild cider fermented with gooseberries. Straw-colored with a slight green tint, Erraticus 9 has a unique aroma that encompasses barnyard, apple, and floral notes. A tart barnyard apple flavor upfront is follows by a flavor of floral gooseberries. This unique cider has a dry, fruity, floral finish.  

Erraticus 9 is oh so fine! We guarantee gooseberry-filled wild cider is sure to leave your taste buds wanting more. Try it on tap or pick up a bottle at the Short’s Brewing Company pub in Bellaire, MI (750 mL / $11.00). Bring something unique to the table this weekend with a bottle of gooseberry wild cider!