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Erraticus 21

Erraticus 21

Our Erraticus series returns with a new look and a new berry! Erraticus 21 (6.7% ABV – 5 TA ) is a red wine barrel-aged Wild Cider made with Rhode Island Greening apples from Boals Orchards and local Saskatoon berries. Saskatoon berries are native to Canada and have just recently started to grow in Michigan. Closely related to the apple family, these berries are sweet and nutty. Grab bottles of Erraticus 21 exclusively from Short’s Mart today!

Erraticus 21 is a red wine barrel-aged Wild Cider made with Rhode Island Greening apples  from Boals Orchards with local Saskatoon berries. This light pink cider carries aromas of berry and oak in the nose. Leading woody oak flavors blend with funky apple and nutty Saskatoon. Erraticus 21 finishes dry and with a light tartness. 

Erraticus 16 here to ring in 2018

Erraticus 16 here to ring in 2018

We recently released Erraticus 16, to help us say “so long” to 2017, and welcome 2018! This time, our cider makers decided to use a berry that is basically four berries in one. A cross among the European raspberry, European blackberry, an American dewberry, and a loganberry; the boysenberry is certainly a unique fruit and makes an even more complex cider

Erraticus 16 (6% ABV) is a Dry Wild Cider fermented with Cortland apples and boysenberries. Dark rose in color, this cider carries bright inviting aromas of berries and apple. Boysenberry flavors are prominent, but balanced by the apples with a slight funk. Erraticus 16 is refreshing and crisp with a dry finish.

Ring in the new year with a cider in hand and pick up a bottle of Erraticus 16 at Short’s Mart now!

It’s Mojito O’Clock Somewhere!

It’s Mojito O’Clock Somewhere!

It’s no secret that some of our favorite beers and ciders possesses a distinctive cocktail flair. From the Gin & Tonic mimicking Melt My Brain from Short’s Brewing Company, to the tequila barrel aged Erraticus 5, our desire for spirit inspired ferments is only growing!

To quench your thirst this month, we’re introducing the next cider in our Erraticus Series. Erraticus 12 is a Mojito inspired wild cider fermented with lime, wild mint, and Jonagold apples from Altonen Orchards. Light straw in color with a slight haze, Erraticus 12 smells sweet and tangy with notes of citrus and mint. Tart flavors of tangy apple and lime are followed by notes of mint. Erraticus 12 is crisp, refreshing, and has a very dry finish.

It’s Mojito O’Clock somewhere, and that somewhere is in Bellaire! Erraticus 12 bottles are now available at the Short’s Brewing Company pub and Short’s Mart. You can take a bottle of this highball cider on your next adventure for only $11.00, no bottle limit.

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is by Sharing Spruce Cider with Friends Far and Near

The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is by Sharing Spruce Cider with Friends Far and Near

This past summer, our head cider maker, Tony “T$” Hansen, sat down to make his Christmas list (what can we say? He likes to send his letter to the big guy at the North Pole early, he’s pretty sure it increases the odds of getting everything on his list). He sat downstairs at the Short’s Brewing Company Production Facility and barricaded himself at his desk in the brewer’s office. No one, not even Tyler (Director of Quality), was going to interrupt his holiday preparations. Hemming and hawing, he asked aloud, “What do I want for Christmas this year?”

Aside from a new pair of Dickies work pants and this statue of a super zen Garden Gnome, T$ was stumped! What could jolly old St. Nick slide into his stocking to make it a December to remember?

Stumped. Tony cracked open a fresh bottle of Spruce Pilsner, (a favorite of the Short’s-i-verse), took a sip, and closed his eyes. As the delectable brew hit his taste buds visions of spruce dongers and fresh pressed apples danced in his head.

“Eureka!” Yelled Tony.

Turning to Kyle (who was visibly startled by Tony’s exclamation) T$ explained “The best way to celebrate this holiday won’t be singing loud for all to hear or waiting for jolly old St. Nick . . . The best way to spread Christmas cheer will be sharing spruce cider with friends far and near!”

Shaking his head, Kyle closed his computer and headed off for his long drive to ‘Kasky. He had cows to check on and for God’s sake, it was only August anyway. Why was Tony worried about Christmas? Why was Tony speaking in rhymes?

Jumping into the Tony mobile, T$ set a course for Beer Camp, our top-secret barrel aging facility, and set to work. The spirit of Christmas had filled him and he no longer cared what Santa brought him. He had only one mission in mind. He juiced and he steeped and he sprinkled Christmas cheer. For added effect, he even strung garland, wrapped lights, and hung hand cut snow flakes from the ceiling. The finished product? The final 2016 installment of our Erraticus Series, Erraticus 7, AKA the world’s tastiest, wild fermented spruce cider and a very festive looking beer camp. 

Erraticus 7 is a wild cider fermented with Michigan apples and aged on Northern Michigan Blue Spruce tips. Light straw in color with a slight haze, Erraticus 7 smells of bright apple, farmhouse funk, and crisp spruce. Farmhouse and apple flavors up front lead into complementary pine flavors before a dry and slightly tart finish. Overall, Erraticus 7 is well balanced and very drinkable.

Released today (a full 8 sleeps before the most wonderful day of the year). Erraticus 7 is ready for your holiday celebrations! Forget the sable (what is a sable anyway?) and slip a bottle of Christmas tree cider under the tree. Each 750 mL bottle will only set you back $11.00, so you can pick one up for Aunt Sue and Cindy Lou Who, too.  Bottles are only available in Bellaire, MI at the Short’s Brewing Company pub and Short’s Mart, so you’ll have to make a trip up to good ‘ol Antrim county to score your stash. It’s been snowing for days, so pop your skis in the car and drive carefully. We’ll see you at the pub!